As a European student, can I interrupt my studies in Delft temporarily?

As a European student you may interrupt your studies and return to Delft later on. However, you should be aware of the consequences.
If and when you un-enrol from the university, the following rules apply:
-       You no longer entitled to any kind of study facilities or academic guidance from TU Delft.*
-       If you are renting accommodation arranged through TU Delft you have a ‘one month notice’ concerning your housing contract which means that you will have to pay one month extra rent.
-       If applicable restitution of the tuition fee will be made for the calendar months commencing with the first month that follows the month in which you request for un-enrolment. Calculated from the moment of termination of the enrolment, 1/12th of the tuition or examination fees will be restituted for each remaining month. The months of July and August are included in this calculation.
If you decide to cancel/interrupt your studies, you will need to take the following steps before leaving:
-       make an appointment with the academic student counsellor at your faculty to discuss whether an interruption would cause any extra delays in your studies.
-       Un-enrol yourself through your Studielink account (
If you would wish to return to TU Delft, please note the following:
-       you can resume your studies at TU Delft at the beginning of the first semester (first week of September). Resuming your studies per 1 February is sometimes possible; the faculty should agree on this.
-       upon returning to TU Delft, students who have interrupted their studies are no longer entitled to accommodation arranged through TU Delft.
* Please note that a penalty system is in place for former students who continue to use any kind of TU Delft facilities or academic guidance after having un-enrolled.

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